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Christian Schools of El Paso (“CSEP”) was founded in 1980. The school was established to promote a strong education while enriching core Christian values and has proudly held to those values for over 35 years. We care for your child and nurture Christian scholars.

” They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31

Our History

Christian Schools of El Paso (“CSEP”) was founded in 1980. We are the ‘top Christian school near me,’ designed to promote a solid educational background that enriches the core Christian values, and we have held those values for the last 35 years.

We care about your child and love nurturing young scholars. Our school has a rigorous academic foundation anchored on the truth of God’s word, and our goal is to impact the world with a positive Christian Worldview.

At our Christian school, your child will learn to stand for what is right, strive for excellence in all they do, and serve their community with a passion for Christ. 

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Enroll Your Kids at Christian Schools of El Paso for a Comprehensive Godly Curriculum

Education is vital for child development, and it’s impossible to impart knowledge to students without building religious presuppositions. It is a myth that education can be non-religious and go in a vacuum that deliberately excludes the fundamental questions about life. Most parents would love to take their kids to a Christian school, but they are usually met with questions and judgment from their friends. While they feel confident in their decision, they sometimes struggle to explain their reasons. At Christian Schools of El Paso, we’re here to explain why sending your child to a Christian school is a fantastic idea. We are the best Christian school in El Paso, and we promote overall child development. Our team would love to help you understand the numerous advantages of a Christian education, which is what we offer. We have a friendly staff ready to speak to you and discuss your child’s educational needs and goals. At a public school, you continuously wonder whether your child is getting exposed to the right and appropriate values. What you teach them at home should be emphasized in school. At a Church School, however, you are assured that the staff upholds the same core values as you do as a family. Any worries about negative peer pressure are eliminated, and lousy influence falls by the wayside. At the best Christian School in El Paso, students learn to build authentic friendships and relationships based on Christ. We expose the kids to Christian values at home and school, so they grow into stable adults committed to serving others and following Christ.

Here’s What We Offer

We have a whole list of educational products on offer that will mold your child perfectly as a Christian. Here’s a look:

An Excellent Academic Curriculum

Here at CSEP, we use the Abeka curriculum. Abeka combines challenging academics as well as a biblical worldview. Our students, starting at the Christian kindergarten, are always prepared to make a difference in the world. 

The Abeka curriculum offers age-appropriate curricula designed to challenge your child at their level of understanding. Abeka’s subjects include Bible, reading, history, mathematics, science/health, English, and art.  

Using these fundamental pillars, our Church school students will be firmly rooted in Christianity; they are more than equipped to transition to an elementary school after kindergarten.

A detailed curriculum layout for each grade level will be provided to parents yearly at Open House.



As the best Christian school in El Paso, our students attend chapel three days a week. Additionally, chapel time provides a break from school work and allows them to learn about God through a Bible story, learn new songs, and just have fun!

Student Ratio

Our student ratio at Christian Schools of El Paso is based on the child’s developmental age. Providing individualized attention to each child is of the utmost importance to foster each child’s unique skill set, knowledge, and talents. We believe that the road to success starts now.

  • Nursery– 4:1
  • Toddlers– 9:1
  • Three’s– 11:1
  • Kindergarten– 12:1

Summer Programming

Children deserve to have fun and take a break from school! Our church school has included summer programs with scheduled age-appropriate weekly activities. These weekly activities include arts, and crafts, water play, and story times.


Here at Christian Schools of El Paso, our material objective is transparency and constant communication between parents and our staff. 

Choosing a Christian preschool can be a daunting and sometimes scary task. We encourage transparency by holding various events for parents throughout the school year to see what their children are doing and to build more robust communication between parents and staff.

Why Pick Us?

We are the best Christian school in El Paso, and we aim to impart the proper knowledge to our kids. When you pick us, you choose a school that cares and understands that parents would love well-mannered kids’ who are grounded in the word of God. Here are a few other reasons why we should be your go-to Church school:


We teach the scripture-revealed word of God as the truth. Our Church school ensures that your kid learns that they are wonderfully created and in the image of God. This crucial truth will help them remember and understand who they are.

Moreover, we mold small kids from our Christian preschool to help them become independent and confident young adults as they know their self-worth and how much God loves them.

They are also confronted with the reality of sin and redemption. We encourage them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and walk in the light of Jesus. 

As the best Christian school in El Paso, we are educators who have recognized God’s truth. Our students understand God’s Creation and that the creation reveals the truth.

Biblical Integration

Our entire Church school curriculum is permeated with the word of God. Faith and learning are integrated in a way that develops the student to embody the spiritual side of their life. Through this integration, our students view the natural world of God’s creation and human history and its activity. As the best Christian school in El Paso, our goal is to develop a Godly perspective of humanity in our children.

Christian Staff

All the staff at Christian Schools of El Paso, such as the faculty, school administrators, and other staff members, are New-Testament Christians who not only know Jesus Christ as their savior but they model a christ-like life in their teaching, leading, and living. They are confident and competent in their academic field. Additionally, they reflect the wholeness of life. Our church school students see their teachers’ faith as essential to their identity. Their vision in teaching is that their students will receive knowledge, wisdom, and a biblical worldview evidenced by a Christian character and lifestyle.

Potential in Christ

The main objective of Christian Schools of El Paso is to enable all students to reach their full potential in Christ. This goal requires our school to focus on each student’s potential and develop intellectual excellence through academic discipline and every planned curriculum activity. Our Christian school also teaches students how to understand their responsibilities to society, which includes the importance of serving and encouraging others. We also teach them how to live in this world and their eternal view of life. At our Christian Schools Of El Paso, we aim to go beyond the inward focus of serving self to an outward focus of life honoring God and reigning with Christ for eternity.

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Meet our Staff​

Diana Williams


Marsha Ceniceros,

Nursery–6 weeks- 18 months

Denise Williams

Pre-school — 3 year olds

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At Christian Schools of El Paso, Christianity promotes the highest ideals, develops the most robust character, and holds the most significant promise. We have an entire program centered around Christian principles to develop Christian scholars. Check out the following from our website: We are waiting eagerly to educate your precious little one. Please feel free to contact us today for a spot in our school. Our curriculum is all-inclusive and can handle any type of child.